Manual tasks that can be automated are a waste of valuable staff time. Our Enterprise Workflow Orchestration and Communications System (EWOCS) makes it easy for your code to get into the workflow. No two hospitals are the same and EWOCS makes it easy to tailor the complete solution to your environment.


The real world is full of complications and choices. We invented VNOAT (Vendor Neutral Orchestration of Analytics and Tools) to address the real world of complex healthcare. Workflows may be triggered by many different types of inputs and combine data from many different sources to execute real complex workflows, all using standards-compliant methods, allowing you to swap modules in and out as your environment changes.


FlowSIGMA enables you to apply your cutting-edge insights to address the rapid changes in healthcare and particularly AI, enabling you to deliver the best patient care. You can easily test new workflows and EWOCS helps to measure the impact.

Demonstration of workflow authoring in EWOCS