About FlowSIGMA

The core technology of FlowSIGMA was developed to assure efficient and reliable execution of image-based workflows. The first application focused on changes in brain tumors using multiple MRI examinations. This is much more complex than simple routing or forwarding, as it requires recognition that several specific MRI types be present in an exam to qualify, and it requires querying the DICOM archive to determine if a qualifying prior examination exists. Since that time, several other workflows have been added, including CT de-noising and automated organ segmentation.

Meet the FlowSIGMA leadership team.

Bradley Erickson

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Brad Erickson received his MD and PhD degrees from Mayo Medical and Graduate School. He is a radiologist at Mayo Clinic and was heavily involved in implementing a filmless department and then a paperless practice and EMR throughout Mayo. He has  received NIH grants for brain cancer, multiple sclerosis, and polycystic kidney disease. He directs the Mayo Clinic AI lab which has approximately 15 post-doctoral fellows. He is an expert on the application of deep learning to medical images and workflow automation. He has co-authored DICOM and IHE profiles, was the founding Chair of the Division of Imaging Informatics at Mayo, Associate Chair for Research in Radiology, President of the Society for Imaging Informatics and Chair of the American Board of Imaging Informatics.

EMAIL bradley.erickson@flowsigma.com

Steve Langer

Chief Informatics Officer

Dr. Steve Langer studied physics at UW-Madison, Michigan State and Oakland University, transitioning from experimental nuclear physics to medical physics at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Langer then went to Seattle where he co-architected the filmless transitions of UW-Seattle and Harborview Medical Center. In 2002 he returned to Mayo and led the transition of Radiology to its filmless state. Dr. Langer has a longstanding interest in performance profiling, Healthcare IT standards, and workflow automation. Dr. Langer is co-architect of the RSNA Image Share Network, co-author of several DICOM and IHE profiles, and co-author of the book Informatics in Medical Imaging. He is the chair of the SIIM Machine Learning Committee and co-chair of the SIIM Hackathon Committee which showcases new healthcare IT standards.

EMAIL steve.langer@flowsigma.com

Matthew Prior

Chief Commercialization Officer

Dr. Prior holds a Ph.D. from Duke University, and a M.S. from Trinity College Dublin Ireland. He is a strategy, commercialization, and technology executive known for transforming businesses into high-performing entities through people-focused leadership. He brings unique perspective as both a scientist and business leader in elevating strategy and driving business value and growth through innovation and a distinct competitive advantage. Dr. Prior has led the development and commercialization of novel technologies in the drug development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and healthcare industries. He has extensive experience leading strategy, sales, marketing, business development, product development, and research functions in the U.S., Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Brazil, Japan, China, and India.

EMAIL matthew.prior@flowsigma.com

Paula Norbom

Board Member

Paula Norbom is founder and CEO of Talencio, a consultancy and service provider for the health technology industry. She began her career as a CPA in public accounting before entering the health technology industry over 25 years ago. With a rich history in the industry as a Chief Financial Officer and VP of Operations, Ms. Norbom was instrumental in raising capital for several early-stage and early-revenue medical device companies, including venture capital, venture debt, and an initial public offering. She also supported several successful mergers and acquisitions with global organizations. She has held active leadership positions in the Twin Cities Chapter of Financial Executives International, and is a current member of the executive board of directors for Presbyterian Homes and Services.

EMAIL pnorbom@talencio.com