FlowSIGMA's EWOCS is a Platform for Enterprise-scale Workflow Orchestration and Communications

We are not another AI company. We work with AI solutions to gather the right data for each AI model to efficiently advance patient care. We increase reliable processes, reduce operating costs, and support the best possible patient care.

In addition to providing a platform for AI integration, we also provide reliable ready solutions for clinical trials automation and AI performance monitoring that are based on this platform.

Our Enterprise-scale Workflow Orchestration and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) software platform is a mature platform for large hospital systems.

We can analyze, design, orchestrate, automate, monitor and support 24/7, a full range of medical workflows from quality assurance compliance processes to the integration of AI tools.

McKinsey and Gartner report that intelligent automation solutions like IPA and Hyperautomation are fast becoming critical elements in the delivery of healthcare.

FlowSIGMA's mission is to optimize the way hospitals deliver care to patients leveraging process automation.

Let us help your people be more efficient, productive, and caring toward your patients. Start today!

Get the best results. Improve the accuracy, safety and quality of your workflows with our intelligent process automation platform.